I am a Brussels-based, freelance architect, designer, creative director and art enthusiast. Currently collaborating as an architect-scenographer with Villa Eugenie, and working on various architectural and design projects.

Over the more than 8 years in different areas of architecture, I have worked on, among others, architectural projects for private and public buildings, urban studies, interior design, object design, installations, scenography and graphic design.

Being truly fascinated by swiss architecture, I was a part of the the team completing the first monolithic lightweight concrete private residence in Belgium.

My architectural tastes are non-conventional and change with time. The one thing that remains unchanged and what I appreciate above everything, is simplicity and unity.

I love to work with human-oriented objects, drawing inspiration from history, people, nature, art, fashion, and the way they interconnect with each other.

Every project is a unique challenge, and an opportunity to explore a variety of possibilities and find the best possible solution. My work always begins with identifying a single central idea, around which crystalizes an aesthetic, solid and unitary entity.